Tuesday, August 13, 2013


New video for Ron-sin.....didn't get a chance to upload, was out the country......Ron-sin had a concept and I tried my best to display his concept

Saturday, August 3, 2013


On my way out the country, so when I get a chance I will write a more info about this video......but here is one of 3 new videos coming your way from R-Sin.....this video was fun to shoot and host a ton of cameos...it is short,but is still a dope video.

Friday, July 19, 2013

The Workshop Video

Video I shot for the homie Smilo (SMI) with Buscrates on the Beats....joint is called the Workshop...I am really proud of this piece

I got a few more video pieces I am working on.....here is a sneak peak of whats next

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

New video updates!!!!!

I got a few new pieces done this week.....first is a test I did using a green screen....nothing special, but I have some plans for a project I want to do in the future....note there isn't any audio but here it is

Here is a simple video piece I did for a practice session.  I felt like I needed to get back to practicing on the turntables everyday...for at least 20 min a day...nothing to complex, but djing in clubs and such, I don't always get to play what I want and how I want to.  I setup two cams, and just started with the first couple of songs I had loaded up.....no real routine, just having some fun...check it out

Friday, April 19, 2013


I apologize for those that have been following my blog....but life got in the way.

I finally got my hard-drive back a few weeks ago and quite honestly that was another reason why I have not been as productive as I would like to be.  So in the coming weeks I plan on making up for lost time by going ham with work on my personal projects. I owe a ton of people work, and I will be getting to that very soon as well.  And since I got my hard drive back its time for me to get started on my Rust College Documentary.....going to be ill...here is a still from the film

Here is Beedie's new video ( I actually make a cameo...but you can't see me at all, but you can see 2 of my nephews in the video...( I didn't shoot this video)

Was dope that everyone came out for the pics, was good catching up with everyone

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Last new years eve party at the shadow lounge

Don't be a clown and miss this event.  The shadow lounge is moving to a new location in 2013, but we are going to end the new years right with me, DJ SMI, NATE DA PHAT and more djing this new years eve. Going to be a epic night trust me.


Shout out to my fam, Beedie..for puting out one of the illest videos I have ever seen.  I wish this was my idea, but it wasn't.  The piece is for a song called "Miss Me" off his above the weather Mix tape and the video and song are both dope.  I think this is my favorite video of the year....at least in my top 3.  Dope visuals.

Friday, November 23, 2012

Behind the mask video (NSFW)

First and foremost this video contains nudity and is NSFW. Now that we got that out of the way.  I shot this piece for Dr. Strange K's Behind the Mask Masquerade event.  It was a interesting evening to say the least, body painting, performances, and masks masks and more masks.  It was a good event and I was able to capture some of it on film.  I shot with the GH1 and used the Canon 3Ti for stills.  Like I said this video is for mature audiences.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

2 video pieces on the way

Been feeling a bit inspired as of lately...I will upload the video from the "Behind The Mask" masquerade party that took place sept 28th.  I must warn you before hand, this piece is "Not Safe For Work" and a I have a Music video piece coming soon.

Sunday, October 28, 2012


I am working on a piece on my Alma Mater ....RUST COLLEGE.  In a few weeks I will be back there with my fam.  A few weeks ago I had my camera crew come through and shoot some interviews.  The official trailer for the film should be up in a week and I will start a page on kickstarter.com to try and raise the money to complete my film.  For now enjoy some pics from the latest shoot.

Got me on the monitor

My mother, who went to Rust and was the 1st female SGA president

My daughter, helping out with the lights.


One of the hottest joints out right now...shout out to them two....now its time for them to do a entire project together.....only right.  I want my cameo in this video too btw.



Everyone in the 412 (and every were else for that matter) needs to go out and support that new Boaz project.  We always talking about how there isn't any real (whatever that means) hip hop, and this cat is from the crib.  I haven't had the pleasure of working with him (yet) but we have crossed paths on occasion and it is on my list of things to make happen. His dj  (DJ SHEF) is a good friend of mine and these are some cats that deserve to be at the top of the charts.  Grab that free new Boaz mix cd from datpiff or just click here.  Check out the Video below...btw I play this song in the clubs andI play it  everytime I spin on square1 nation internet radio.


If you were at last years event...you already know what to expect....it's going to be bannannas...this is going to be the party of the year.  Check out the flyer for more info....btw I left my suit coat at home, thats why I just have on a shirt and tie in the flyer lol.  Don't be the only one to miss this party and have to hear about it the next day!!!!!

Sweet 16 song writing App

Go out there and support my fam DJ DRASTIK not only is he one of my brothas behind the turntables, but a good friend (whom I consider family) he has a ill app for all rappers and song writers on the google marketplace entitled sweet 16 peep the video below.  I bought this app and I don't even rap....we need to support our own, especially when the product is this good.  Click HERE for a direct link to the app


I have been slacking on updates so...that means a complete over haul in the next 48 hours.  Friday Oddisse came through and destroyed at the Rhyme Cal at the Shadow Lounge.  Always official was released on the Rhyme Cal mix tape....featuring Beedie, Boka, Divine Seven, Vaig, J.Sands, and U-turn...produced by me. This joint will also be on my "Adventures of Billy Dee williams" project.

Here is the cover and Track listing for the Rhyme Cal cd.  I am not a big fan of their cover, but it's the music that counts.

Stand out cuts on the cd (in my opinion is) Always official (of course), Bar Burryin by Jon Quest feat Hubbs, Live n Effect by Chen Lo and Love actually by Zeps

Check out the Bar Burrying Video and the Tracklisting for the cd


Wednesday, July 11, 2012

My son little phill "celebrity in his right"

For those that don't know my Son "Little Phill" has become a celebrity in his own right in the city. He has done modeling work for Timebomb shop (the illest clothing store in the 412 and probably worldwide) you can see him on the splash page for the timebomb shop website at www.timebombshop.com ....The only thing is that you may have to click several times to see him due to there being rotating front pages to the site.  He has done cameos in various music videos (see the new beedie video dropping soon) and he has been spotted on stage with several hip hop acts in the city....btw he isn't even a teenager yet.  starting him out young, he doesn't get on the mic, but hey he's a celebrity...he doesn't have to.

You can check out Timebomb clothing and the owner (my good friend brick) in the new Wiz Khalifa Video "work hard play hard"  and while your at it check out Beedies Video for old soul.....( My son isn't in this one also I did neither of these)  You can see Timebomb clothing featured in both of theses videos. Shout out to my man Brick (the owner of Timebomb, for putting little Phill on the site) Brick is also featured in both of these videos.

Apologize for the lack of updates

I know I have been ULTRA-SLACKING, and yes again I apologize, but I have been so busy, and I will not allow that to be a excuse, but it is the truth.  Did some work with the legendary Diamond D, he even gave me 3 beats to work with my artists "Sahaar".  We will have that joint done this friday.

The radio show is still going strong at www.square1nation.com log in every wed from 9-11pm eastern to hear my show "THE ALUMNI SHOW".  I will start posting links to past shows, so just in case you can't catch it live or just want to play it on your ipod ect....btw tonight show is going to be one of the illest ever...trust me on that.

Tons of video work in the pipeline....and beats and ect..ect..ect.....

Suppose to go to the Brooklyn Hip Hop festival this weekend with Busta Rhymes, but doesn't look like I am going to make it.  The Rhyme Cal will have their Hip hop Game-show showcase at the festival ( I spun at the last one, #11 a few weeks ago) I do need to make it to New York that weekend for it, but I got so much going on here.

Thursday spinning with the band (every thursday) at the Shadow lounge for open mic.  There has been a lot of talent to come through and it just keeps getting better.

Found a mego goldmine last week (I know your like huh?) lol

Monday going to DC to see Team USA Basketball vs Brazil....can't miss it......this is definatly the
highlight of my summer.

Got a dope event happening tomorrow, but I am not at liberty to discus it until afterwards.....

don't forget to follow me on twitter @djbigphill

Wednesday, May 2, 2012


Another video I shot for R-SIN.....we got one more on the way......maybe two

Tuesday, May 1, 2012


I missed the record show a week or so ago, and I apologize to all of those who planned on coming out and supporting.  I will be at the Istandard producer showcase tomorrow (5/1/2012) then on 5/2/2012 I will be spinning at the meet n greet at the timebomb spot,  The legendary D.I.T.C memebr Buckwild will be there, later on that night is the radio show from 9-11pm eastern on www.square1nation.com ...Thursday 5/3/12 I will be spinning at the HIP HOP MELTDOWN....friday the big homie DIAMOND D (also from D.I.T.C) will be back in town.....just linked up with him a few hours ago at AVA....off to Chicago on 5/4/12...but enough of that. Peep the flyers and info provided below.  I WILL START TO POST THE RADIO SHOWS VERY VERY VERY VERY SOON

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

HUBBS eastern conference VIDEO

Video from my people's Hubbs (I didn't shoot, but got a cameo in the video). Dope video shot around my part of town, actually there is a shot of my corner with the street signs ect....Check out the end with the cameo of my son with Hubbs Kids.  Little Phill has on the black n white "P" shirt

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

OLD MONEY music video

Video I shot and edited for R-Sin featuring Jon Quest (of Varsity Squad) We sort of just went in and started shooting.  R-Sin had a basic story line he wanted and I just went with it...We only shot this in under 2 hours and it was a rushed shoot due to the location and time of the shoot....so please excuse the shadows lol